Friday, November 21, 2008

World Philosophy Day Complement -- Exclusive coverage

Yesterday, November 20, was the World Philosopy Day, and while I was getting my sleep after pulling an all-nighter, Gregory Levonian beat me by blogging about it first. Darn. Well, I'm going to blog about it anyway, because it's just such a great occasion and it's not getting enough coverage.

In fact I think it's a shame that the World Philosophy Day is limited to only one day, given the place that dualities and dichotomies of all sorts take in philosophy. Therefore it's only logical to declare today, November 21, World Philosophy Day Complement. And I'm going to blog about it first. Hear that, Greg? I don't see you blogging about World Philosophy Day Complement on your blog.

And to give this day an air of credibility, I'd like to announce a very special event happening today: World Philosophy Day Complement Hour of Thinking. Today, join millions in this charity event by taking one hour and thinking between the hours of 8 and 9 pm, Eastern Standard Time. You can pick any topic as long as you think. The proceeds of your thinking will go to support Canadian Cancer Federation, so be generous.

And after the Hour of Thinking, you are welcome to join us for a little wine and celebration. We will also chop up a healthy person for organs to save five sick people.

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