Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vonnegut and Lenin

First of all, today, April 22, happens to be both the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, who, as we know, is "More Alive Than Anyone Alive(TM)", and Earth Day! Say whatever you like, but in my opinion this doesn't bode well for Lenin's unburied body.

Also, here's a thought I came up with in the shower this morning. Kurt Vonnegut's last name sounds German, obviously, but as far as I'm concerned, there's no good translation for 'vonnen' or 'vonne' when spelled this way. However, when you consider the fact that an English-speaking clerk might have simply misspelled the last name Wohnegut, which methinks could come from wohnen +  gut, the corresponding meaning would be "lives-well", which is an additional cherry of irony on top of cupcake of Vonnegut's prose. And in fact a quick Google search goes to show that people (esp. German-speakers) routinely mis-misspell his name as Wohnegut.

And now for something completely different, brought to you by the Quirky Shower Thoughts Series. It's a little mathematical word problem.
Problem. How many paws do two three-legged cats have provided they share one paw?
Schroedinger version. How many paws do two three-legged cats have provided they share one paw 30% of the time?


  1. Easy! - FIVE! I solved that mental math problem the same damn morning you were stuck in the shower for too long, which is, as I think of it now, was not any special day; you`re ALWAYS (i.e. 100%) stuck in the shower for too long. Take that Schroedinger!

  2. P.s. that was his wife

  3. p.p.s. that is, I am his wife

  4. hahahaha....this is a total brain teaser...waayy pass my brain abilities