Friday, October 15, 2010

RIM: Bug-fixing, platinum edition.

Earlier this year, I filed an issue with RIM's issue tracker, TOOL-118, detailing my experience of trying to connect to Blackberry JDWP tool with IntelliJ IDEA. JDWP tool is the proxy to the simulator or actual mobile device that implements the Java Debug Wire Protocol on the outside, allowing an arbitrary JDWP-compatible debug tool to connect for a remote debug session. IntelliJ IDEA is the best damn Java IDE in the world, period.

The problem was basically that RIM's JDWP tool apparently wasn't fully compliant to the actual JDWP protocol, choosing instead to focus narrowly on its compatibility with Eclipse's debugging implementation. After some screwing around, it seems that RIM's JDWP tool expects something along the lines of jdb's "resume" command after the connection is established, otherwise it just keeps the simulator/device's JVM in a suspended state indefinitely.

Well, they promised to look at it, and this morning, roughly half a year later, their work was complete.
twindsor   updated TOOL-118:

       Status: Investigation (Closed)  (was: Investigating)
   Resolution: Fixed

JDWP with other development environments is no longer officially supported.

Only the use of JDWP with the Eclipse plugin is currently supported.
Because, you know, "we want to meet you on your turf, we want to make it easy for you to use the tools you're already using". Thank you RIM, I love you too.

(to Tim Windsor, the developer liason who helped me initiate the issue: no offence, I understand that you're not the one making decisions such as what IDEs and dev environments to support. Thanks for your help.)

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